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Quality, Safety and Environmental Policy

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Quality Policy

Our company, which manufactures auto repair paints and industrial paints, has adopted the following principles as quality policy ;

  • Using teamwork in all our activities to provide a business approach focused on customer satisfaction.

  • To operate the system in accordance with the quality standards ISO 9001: 2015 and continuously develop.

  • Raising our competitiveness in the market by continuous volume and quality growth and achieving a significant position in the foreign market.

  • To manufacture our products according to customer requirements in accordance with national standards and specifications.

  • Developing new Products.

  • Provide a more efficient and convenient working environment.

  • Raising the training level of staff.

  • To comply with legal requirements and international agreements in our country.

Environmental and Safety Policy

Our Company is aware of its responsibility to the environment and society, taking the necessary measures in the interests of the environment and human health. Being one of the leading technology-oriented companies and believing in continuous development, we give priority to the quality of products, services and respect for the environment in which we live ;

  • To minimize the pollution and damage and keep control of hazardous chemicals that will adversely affect human and environmental health.

  • To follow the legal requirements in our country, to fulfill them and to comply with international agreements.

  • To minimize environmental impact using the most advanced technology during production

  • To plan and maintain the trainings to increase the environmental awareness and the works we do in order to protect the environment.

  • To prevent environmental pollution, do the work of reusing or recovering polluting waste, or make efforts to restore the environment.

  • To aim the continuous development of environmental management system.