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Maestro Mix

SINTAS MAESTRO MIX is a mix system that works with binders and universal coloring pastes.

Features of Sintaş Maestro Mix ;

  • Coloring pastes do not weaken the chemical properties of the binder.

  • The intensity of coloring pastes is maximum.

  • Coloring pastes used in the system are complement auto-quality products and provide high level of UV resistance.

  • Binder groups include colorable primer binders.

  • Texture and matte effect is provided with the additives available in the system.

  • It offers products of different groups and qualities with a wide range of binder options.

  • Final products are presented to customers in accordance with Sintaş quality standards.

  • High hiding power.

  • Wide range of colors (RAL, Pantone, truck, bus and commercial vehicle with passenger car colors).

  • Many special colors have been added under the name SFC (Sintaş Fan Colors).

  • Save dealers from the last stock cost and provide fast solutions to end customers.

  • Offers different quality options in the same product group.

  • Offers competitive prices

  • Program update can be done easily over the internet.

  • Dealer can enter their own prices into the system and see their sales prices on the screen.

  • Reduces paint consumption with colorable primer.

  • Dealers can make their own special colors and store the formulation in their own programs.